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Proxfox ™

Turn your phone into a powerful tool to connect you to people around you. ProxFox picks up people in the same room as you and allows you to connect with them instantly over popular social media platforms.

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Social Media

LogIn with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

It Just Works

Profiles around you are automatically added to your homepage.


Disconnect or Block selected contacts at any time.

How It Works


Step 1 - Begin Immediately


As soon as you're logged into a single social media service, you will begin connecting with other ProxFox users around you. That's it.

Step 2 - Find People Nearby


Leaf through profiles of people around you. Ditch the business card case and let your mobile device remember who you bumped into.

Step 3 - Connect, Friend, Follow


Connect with your new friends or future colleagues on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram immediately or later, at your convenience.

The Team


Ahmol Fozdar

CEO and Founder

Ahmol conceived of the idea behind ProxFox in 2014 and in one year has taken an idea from conception to realization as a working product with a userbase. Ahmol has a unique background that has exposed him to a broad cross-section of professional experience—domestically and internationally, corporate and entrepreneurial. Prior to founding ProxFox, Ahmol has structured and managed commercial real estate projects, and was strategy director at a grassroots non-profit organization. Ahmol holds undergraduate degrees in mathematics and economics from the University of Virginia, and excelled at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where he completed his M.B.A. with 5 concentrations.

Tom Ramsey

Chief Financial Officer

Tom performs corporate finance functions and conducts investor relations, in addition to structuring new B2B relationships for ProxFox. Prior to ProxFox, Tom worked at Mercer Investment Consulting and Merrill Lynch. Tom has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and two graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Thomas Edmunds


Thomas Edmunds grew up in Fairfax, VA and received his Bachelor of Science in Commerce and a major in Economics at The University of Virginia. He has spent much of his young adult life involved in various sectors of commercial real estate including investment banking, asset management, and development—both domestically and internationally. Thomas identified a need for an application like ProxFox while attending large real estate conferences. “Commercial real estate professionals love passing out business cards. Sometimes it feels like they are blackjack dealers. I was constantly inundated with business cards and I felt a solution like ProxFox with one click networking has so many applications both commercial and social.” Thomas Co-Founded ProxFox with Ahmol Fozdar in 2014.

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